Closing Argument

Issue: Winter 2022

Our Generous Donors

Gifts to the college from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

The S.J. Quinney College of Law thanks its generous donors who have made gifts to the college between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. To make a gift to the College of Law, visit our giving page or contact Kevin Carrillo, director of development, at

$1,000,000 to $4,999,999

S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Foundation


$500,000 to $1,000,000

ESRR Endowment Fund for the Wallace Stegner Center


$100,000 to $499,999

Stephen Bradley and Kit Dorrough

Kem C. and Carolyn B. Gardner

United States District Court

The I.J. and Jeanné Wagner Foundation

The Wilburforce Foundation

Zions Management Services Company


$50,000 to $99,999

Robert S. Campbell, Jr. and Charlotte J. Campbell

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation

Kirton McConkie

Wheeler Machinery Company


$25,000 to $49,999

The Callon Family Trust

Carl K.+ and Gloria+ Davis

Gloria D. Hogson+ Trust

Jane A. and Tami Marquardt

William and Caroline McQuade

Ralph & Dorothy Mecham Support Foundation

Thomas A. Plein Foundation LTD

George H. Speciale


$10,000 to $24,999

Anderson Hatch Foundation


Harold Burton Foundation

Dentons Durham Jones & Pinegar

James R. and Meghan Zanolli Holbrook

Reza Ali Khazeni Memorial Foundation

Reza H. and Shireen Mahdavi Khazeni

Jessica L. Lowrey and Jeffrey Michael Habib

Manners/Golden Rule Foundation

Marriner S. Eccles Foundation

Parr Brown Gee & Loveless

Denis R. and Bonnie G. Philips

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation

Herta and Lee E.+ Teitelbaum

Gregory J. and Heather S. White


$5,000 to $9,999

Bruce W. Bastian and Clinton Ford

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

B.W. Bastian Foundation

Alexander R. and Charity S. Dahl

Hope Eccles and Randal K. Quarles

Spencer F. and Cleone P. Eccles Famiy Foundation

Jeffrey L. Fillerup and Neeta M. Lind

Greenberg Traurig

Eddie and James F.+ Housley

Robert B. and Linda S. Keiter

Grant S. Kesler

Janet Q. Lawson Foundation

Herbert C. and Wilma S. Livsey

Bryant and Susan C. McOmber, Jr.

Nancy L. Melich and J. Alexander Hemphill

Alice Merrill and Robert M.+ Simonsen

Herbert I. & Elsa B. Michael Foundation

Parsons Behle & Latimer

Craig E. and Diana C.+ Peterson

Ray Quinney & Nebeker Foundation

Robert O. Rice and Angela D. Rowland

Snell & Wilmer Law Offices

Strong & Hanni

Jeffrey and Pamela R. Taylor

Utah Minority Bar Association

Betsy Tyler Voter and Austin Jon Davis

Elizabeth Kronk Warner and Connor Kirwan Warner

Stephanie Warner


$1,000 to $4,999

Robert W. Adler and Michele M. Straube

Robert W. Adler Living Trust

Rob M. and Sherrie S. Alston

Craig W. Anderson and Denise A. Dragoo

Antony Anghie

Cullen J. and Sandra V. Archer

Arent Fox

John and Linda Ashton

Grant P. and Margaret H. Bagley

David B. and Crystal I. Barlow

Daniel E. and Sheila M. Barnett

Arthur B. Berger and Michele Ballantyne

Scott P. and Caroline E. Bates

Shima Baradaran Baughman

Lee and Kerri Benson

Teneille R. Brown and Chakravarthy B. Reddy

Anthon S. and Ann Cannon, Jr.

Dianna Cannon

Kevin and Julee H. Carrillo

Paul G. and Patricia Smith Cassell

Christiansen Law

Richard D. and Gissa R. Clayton

Clyde Snow & Sessions

Michael Clyde and Sharona Rachel Wolff

Steven E. and Elaine C. Clyde

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

Matthew and Nancy Dorny

The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation

doTerra International

Joan Draper

Randy L. and Kathy D. Dryer

The Fanwood Foundation

Leslie P. and John G. Francis

Charles E. and Shannon D. Freedman

Kelley Michael and Laurie S. Gale

Robert and Mary D. Gilchrist

James D. and Patricia C. Gilson

Ray L. and Debra T. Goodson

Thomas B. and Laura Green

Kay B. Greene and J. Thomas Greene, Jr.+

Scott A. and Loree D. Hagen

Richard M. and Deirdre A. Hagstrom

George M. and Patricia A. Haley

Sam S. Harkness

John E. Harvey

David S. and Erika A. Hill

Robert G. and J. Celia Holt

Dixie S. and Robert P. Huefner

Jeffrey J. and Cynthia Marie Hunt

Daniel D. Johnson

Cary D. Jones and Kristin Hopfenbeck

Bruce S. and Margaret W. Jenkins

Jones, Waldo, Holbrook, & McDonough

Kirk L. and Kristen M. Jowers

Christine Kim

Dale A. and Rachel B. Kimball

Kroesche Schindler

Beatrice F. Kroesche Foundation

Thomas R. Kroesche

Krystkowiak Seven

Jon M. and Carol B. Lear

David E. and Helane B. Leta

Perrin R. and Jill R. Love

Maschoff Brennan

Alan A. Milicent H. Matheson

The Matheson Family Trust

Bob S. Marquardt

Michael D. and Misty D. Mayfield

Wayne McCormack and Tatiana Bakshaeva

Mica A. McKinney

Nancy A. McLaughlin

Shelly Melich Ossana

Jeanmarie Miller and Narrvel E. Hall+

Mark A. and Cristina Miller

Scott G. Monson and Brian C. Hogan

Pat and Gene S. Ninomiya

Rene Orosco

Brett Parkinson

James W. Parkinson

Howard and Lisa M. Pearson

Jan T. Perkins

Leonor E. Perretta

Erin Peterson

Wayne G. and Robyn E. Petty

Public Interest Law Organization

Randall and Victoria Rader

E. and Harriet R. Rasmussen

The Reagan Foundation

William K. and Julia D. Reagan

Patricia Richardson Zippi

Thomas C. and Barbara D. Roberts

Christine Mary Roth and Wesley Stein

Ruby Mountain Inc.

Penelope W. Saltzman and Stuart A. Billings

David and Bennie L. Sam

Scott C. and Ellen Sandberg

Olga B. and Frank M. Siggins

David and Kathleen Simpson

Alexander T. and Jacqueline S. Skibine

Snow Christensen & Martineau Foundation

Arminda I. and Matthew Spencer

Edward D. and Carol J. Spurgeon

George R. Sutton and Suzan Kyle Pixton

Engels Tejeda and Nicholas J. Hammond

Thomas A. and Leslie Thomas

The Tolman Group

Veda M. Travis

Steven A. and Susan Tuft

Sadé Turner

Blake K. and Tamara S. Wade

Paul and Linda P. Warner

Marc D. Young and Gary Wilson

$500 to $999

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Reyes Aguilar, Jr. and Camille Aguilar

Jeffrey W. and Shauna M. Appel

Michael and Julie A. Archer

David and Jennifer A. Beck

Ronald J. and Ellis S. Bigelow

Allan T. and Mary C. Brinkerhoff

David K. and Katherine D. Broadbent

Daniel Burn

Tyler L. and Rachel F. Buswell

Daniel W. and Elizabeth M. Chudleigh

Chayse and Natalie D. Clark

Jorge L. Contreras

Carolyn Cox and James B. Lohse

Cameron J. and Marilyn Cuch

Ariane and David M. Dansie

Richard and Alta Kay Lowe Davis

Chad R. and Heather A. Derum

Mark Epstein

Taylor and Christina H. Florence

Joseph C. and Peggy+ Fratto, Jr.

Thomas L. Gourde

Amos N. Guiora

David R. and Sheryl A. Hamilton

Tyler R. and Marjorie W. Green

John B. and Kathie H. Hansen

Janet A. and Ronn E.+ Harding

Brad D. Hardy and Jolie A. Coleman

Stephen J. and Tauni Hill

Kristina F. Hindert and Ronald E. Nehring+

Linda Mae Jones and Francis M. Wikstrom

Katherine Judd and Jeremy Coon

Laura T. Kessler and Matthew Weinstein

Jo Ellen Killpack

Steven Killpack

Adam J. and Kathryn Kolowich

Jenny Kronk

David B. and Marilyn D. Lee

Magleby & Greenwood

Joel T. and Mary Jo Marker

William W. and Kay H. Maycock

Michael J. and Cody Mazuran

John Mukum Mbaku

Tanya M. Melich and Noel L. Silverman

Timothy Nichols

Howard C. Nielson, Jr.

Dane Nolan and Susan L. Barnum

Northrop Grumman Foundation

Eva M. Novak

Michael P. and Vicki C. O'Brien

Susan R. and C. Dale Poulter

Ronald L. Rencher

Robbi D. Richter

Ross I. and Cecilia M. Romero

Scott B. Romney

Clark W. and Shauna M. Sabey

Kelli Lee Sager

Jonathan and Leslie B. Schofield

Christopher B. and Emily J. Snow

Shannon Stewart and Matthew H. Clark

Rajendu and Bretta Srivastava

Kenneth Stegeby

Angela Tsu and Kurt B. Larsen

Phyllis J. and E. Russell Vetter

Charity R. and Rick D. Williams

Isaac Workman

Elena Adina Zahradnikova


$300 to $499

Wayne W. and Lyn Call

Jane R. Conard and Richard A. Maneval

Rachel and Sean Dreilinger

Robert L. Flores and Rosemary Gacnik-Flores

Regnal W. and Leslie R. Garff

Rebecca H. Held

Christina Jepson and Erik A. Christiansen

Kim M. Jones

Carl Lujan

Michael D. and Mary Margaret Lyon

Maneval Reister Conard Family Foundation

Bonnie L. W. and Thomas A. Mitchell

James and Anne W. Morgan

Neil P. Morrissette

Jeff A. and Sarah Schwartz

Roger G. Segal

Linda F. Smith and Lee K. Shuster

Robert T. and Diane M. Westmeyer

Richard R. Williamson


$100 to $299

Alison J. Adams

Elizabeth A. Adoyo

Jensie L. Anderson and Robert P. Raysor

Tara Anderson


Clark and Kay Berger Arnold

James A. and Gayle Arrowsmith

John P. and Neena D. Ashton

Judith S. H. and Peter B. Atherton

Robert D. Atwood

James H. and Lynn K. Backman

Junior and Carylee Baker

Vicki M. Baldwin

Tracy R. and Janet Barrus

Virginia P. and Christopher K. Beane

Narda E. Beas-Nordell and Layton Nordell

Joshua J. and Andrea Bennett

Melissa J. Bernstein

Joseph F. and Barbara Biafore, Jr.

Paige Bigelow

John L. Black, Jr. and Karen Sasaki-Black

Nanci Snow and Michael J. Bockelie

James Boud

Marilyn M. Branch

Diane Banks and Mark B. Bromberg

Bromberg Family Trust

Jody L. Bryson

Brian W. and Leeaine Welch Burnett

Kristin Anne and Jason Burnham

Britton R. Butterfield

Randall and Paula Call

Tena Campbell

Blaine L. Carlton and Marilyn Bushman-Carlton

Linda E. Carter and Michael D. Dazey

Augustus G. and Lisa Kay Chin

Stephen C. Clark and David K. Wiehe

Thomas W. and Susan A. Clawson

Jordan M. Clegg Lee

Debra Cloward

Laurie S. and Jason Coles

Bruce V. Cook

David S. and Karen B. Cook

Douglas L. and Etholene B. Cornaby

Adam L. and Julie A. Crayk

Carla G. Cuch

Forrest S. and Shauna L. Cuch

Roger F. and Karen B. Cutler

Suzanne M. and Tom Darais

Daniel Earl and Susan C. Davis

David B. and Mirissa Dibble

Dodd Law Firm

Sharon A. Donovan

Matthew A. Dodd

Myrl L. Duncan

eBay Foundation

Robert A. and Frances T. Eder, Sr.

Peter K. and Elizabeth S.+ Ellison

Frederick S. and Megan Etheridge

Family Law Solutions

Deborah Susan Feder and Aaron L. Fogelson

Rusell C. and Larry Ann Castle-Fericks

Fletcher Law Office

Tammy Frisby

Janice L. Frost

Ray E. and Karla W. Gammon

Brent and Sharlene Gardner

Duane H. Gillman

Clintepious Theodore Gilmore

Dennis A. and Kathrine Gladwell

Rosanne and Robert+ Gordon

Trevor E. Gordon

Michael and Janice T. Gottfredson

Douglas E. and Maryann W. Grant

Kent Greene

Timothy C. Hale

The Handley Foundation, Inc.

Kenneth and Kate B. Handley

Richard L. and Sally G. Handley

Amanda M. Hansen

Royal I. and Laura C. Hansen

M. Hardner

James J. Hardy, Jr. and Iris J. Krieg

Pablo A. Haspel and Chelsea Jude Davis

Laura R. and John George Haug

Edward B. and Cindy Havas

Steven L. and Maridee M. Haycock

O. Headman, Jr. and Sharon K. Headman

Louisa and Erik L. Heiny

Sharon A. Hejazi

Karl L. P. and Jean P. Hendrickson

Mark E. and Susie I. Hindley

Molonai T. and Lindsay L. Hola

Connie C. Holbrook

Shelby Jaye Hughes

Dale E. and Tamara J. Hulse

Dustin O. and Chauma K. Jansen

Lon A. and Tami Jenkins

Gregory Johnson

Michael R. and Amy D. Johnson

Norman K. and Julia H. Johnson

Brian W. Jones

Daniel M. and Jerilee E. Jones

Michael G. Jones

$100 to $299 continued

Jennifer M. Joslin

Natalie M. and Clay B. Keller

Amy H. and Michael P. Kennedy

Kirkland & Ellis Foundation

Virginia R. Kurtz and Brian G. Cheslack

Clemens A. and Joanna E. Landau

Kate and Michael J. Lahey

Amy G. Lawrence

Royce B. and Annette P. Lee

Todd and Cynthia Leishman

Howard R. and Nancy K. Lemcke, Jr.

Tiffany R. Leone

Peter N. Lindquist

Robert C. Livsey

John W. and Haley Mackay

Malouf Law Offices

Raymond N. and Sharyl H. Malouf

Chris and Sharon C. Mancini

Brett V. and Chris C. Manning

John and Karen L. Martinez

Jeffrey R. Mathis

Juliane R.B. and Stephen Matthews

Karen W. McCreary and Kent B. Alderman

Amy E. McDonald

Sally Jo McMinimee

Ross E. and Rachel McPhail

Craig A. and Beth Ann Menden

Catherine C. Meyer

Charlotte L. Miller and Dennis C. Ferguson

Grant A. Miller and Karly B. Walton

Randall Miller

Kathleen Mills

Thomas J. and Edith S. Mitko

Carolyn R. Morrow

Susan Baird and Kevin Motschiedler

Michael L. and Elizabeth S. Mower

Kevin Murphy and Meredith Alden

Alexandrea Nelson and Nicole Thomas

Michael L. and Mary Sue Nicklos

Rea L. and Annette Nielsen

Richard H. and Jann T. Nixon

Vaughn W. North

Ingolf Noto

David Nuffer

Janette K. Nystrom

John and Ann O'Connell

Michael J. O'Hara and Mary Petersen

Michael Sampson Oehler

Larry F. Ogden

Nolan J. and Marilyn+ Olsen

Kylie Orme

Rulon W. and Deborah Orton

Ryan Pahnke

Clayton J. Parr

Peabody Rotary Club

Don R. Petersen

Jim and Kimberly J. Peterson

Ted J. Pintar

Margaret D. Plane and Hans A. Sanderson

Gregory Howard and Susan Campbell Pratt

Stephen M. and Lori L. Quinlivan

Arthur B. and Susan M. Ralph

Robin W. and Judith W. Reese

Michael S. Reeves

Mitchel T. and Shannon Rice

Howard B. Ringwood

Kent O. and Brenda S. Roche

Clifford J. Rosky

Thomas J. and Shirley C. Rossa

Linda W. and Stephen L. Roth

John C. Ruple

Leonard H. and Alene M. Russon

Rebecca Aleman and Charles Thomas Ryon

Kent B. and LaRae E. Scott

David J. and Barbara Schwendiman

Seiler, Anderson, Fife and Marshall

Zachary T. and Liz Shields

William M. and Merideth S. Shorter

Burke Staker

Keith and Barbara S. Stott, Jr.

Christopher L. and Lauren Stout

Lolla V. Stovall

Gerald H. and Sharon A. Suniville

Arthur J. Swindle

Timothy L. Taylor

Debora L. Threedy

Kathryn A. and Brett J. Tipple

Kenneth R. Updegrove

Logan Vanderbilt

William and Donna R. Vogel

Mary S. and Lance A.+ Wald

Stuart T. and Susan T. Waldrip

Brian Walton

Vernon E. and Berta G. Welch

Brooke C. Wells and Kayle Hardy

Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gifts

Gary A. Weston

Blaine D. and Peggy H. Williams

Ray H. and Ann A. Wood

Marie-Claude Wrenn-Myers and Robert Meyers

Scott and Tracie A. Young


Up to $99

Henry L. Adams+

David P. and Catherine K. Allan

Adrianna M. Anderson

Ryan Anderson


Aaron M. and Emily Aplin

Courtland R. Astill

Felicia Baca

James H. and Lynn K. Backman

John A. and Deborah H. Beckstead

Jared C. Bennett

Peter E. and Miriam Rutiz Braveman

Anna Carpenter

Tyler S. and Brooke P. Coles

Jon Collier

Niki Crabtree

Valeri Craigle

Ronald P. Cundick

Steven M. and Christie H. Dorius

Patricia S. and Heinz K.+ Drawe

Alyssa Florack

Timothy J. Flynn

Robert A. Goldberg and Anne Freed

Anna Grigsby

Adam L. Grundvig

Darian M. Hackney

Jordan Hallman

Mona F. Jamison

Becky Johnson

Paul L. Ketzle and Marcia C. Dibble

Farina King

Blake P. Kipp

Cynthia Lane

Jacob R. and Sheridan Lee

Jeremy D. LeFevre

Hollis C. and Elizabeth Lewis

Jenifer Chapman and Michael Brian Lloyd

Kerry Lohmeier

Robert P. and Susan+ Lunt

Kevin M. McLean

William C. and Mary Jane McGregor

Britany J. Merrill and James S. Ruff

Kelly Miles

Jessica K. Morrill

Jacqueline Esty and Jess John Morrison

Greg M. Newman

Daphne A. Oberg and James C. Stoddart

Kristen E. Olsen

Philip A. Packer

Caroline C. and Philip K.+ Palmer

Clifford Parkinson

Amy M. Pauli

Scott G. Pratt

Lesley Ramey

Jacqueline M. Rosen

John Savage

Sego Junction

Wesley F. Sine

Clay M. and Lynn Smith

Michael Scott Smith

Robert Steinbuch

Raymond Swenson

Heather Tanana

Sierra E. Taylor

Elizabeth Thomas

Jeannine P. and Warren L. Timothy

Tegan M. Troutner

Debbie C. Vargas

Gary H. and Jayne W. Weight

Adam M. Wells

Mary Wheeler

Ronald E. and Susan B. White

Leilani Whitmer

Jessica Wilde

Patricia L. Williams

Randon W. and Gayle D. Wilson

Gary L. Wixom

James Wright