Closing Argument

Issue: Winter 2022

Editor’s Note & About Res Gestae

What a wonderful feeling for the College of Law to be on campus again! As we return, we are also welcoming many to our classrooms and hallways for the first time—our 1L and 2L classes (the latter of which learned remotely their first year), as well as a wonderful group of new faculty and staff members.

I am among these newcomers. I’m honored to serve as the college’s new marketing director, as well as editor of Res Gestae. From my first days here, one thing has been immediately apparent: Our college is a dynamic institution with a constant interest in pushing forward, doing things differently, and bringing those improvements and gains to the wider world.

That’s held true throughout the pandemic and our recent return to campus: As a community, we adapted and persisted throughout our time apart, and we’re now carrying forward the innovations we've developed along the way. Returning to the way things have always been done is not our way of doing things. We adapt through hardships, and we carry those learnings with us.

Our winter issue of Res Gestae has a similar focus. In it, we celebrate the women who are and have been at the center of our community guiding it forward, often without due recognition. We explore the ways in which these women have driven innovations and the ways they have claimed leadership roles at the college and in the profession—despite obstacles their male counterparts frequently do not face. We celebrate the institution they have shaped, which, through their efforts, is far stronger, richer, and more capable of addressing the world’s great challenges.

I hope you enjoy catching up with Utah Law as much as we’ve enjoyed writing these stories. Res Gestae is a collective effort, and I am grateful to the staff members who have contributed to this issue. As alumni, you are also an important part of this magazine. Please share your thoughts and reminiscences, as well as your life updates and accomplishments. We welcome your class notes, which we will include in future issues. You can also contact us at


Henry Randolph
Editor | Res Gestae
Marketing Director | College of Law

Res Gestae

res ges·tae (n.)
/rās ˈɡestī, rēz jestē/

From Latin for "things done;" all circumstances surrounding to and connected with a case.

A publication of the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah


  • Kevin Carrillo
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