Closing Argument

Issue: Winter 2022

U hosts Rocky Mountain Junior Scholars Forum

The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law hosted legal scholars from across the country for the annual Rocky Mountain Junior Scholars Conference.

The conference, which the University of Utah hosts every other year, brought together dozens of scholars from several law schools who are early in their careers. Participants circulated papers before the conference and presented a work in progress to small groups of peers in a workshop format at the virtual conference.

In addition to paper presentations, this year’s conference included a plenary panel on how to improve scholarly impact. Professors Paul Cassell, Robin Kundis Craig and Jorge Contreras spoke on a plenary panel about how to improve citations, downloads and scholarly placements, among other topics. Shima Baughman, a law professor and associate dean for faculty research and development, coordinated the conference. The link to the plenary panel is here.